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"The most important period of life is not the age of university, but the first one - the period from birth to the age of six."

- Dr. Maria Montessori


Our Classrooms

When you walk into one of our classrooms, the first thing you notice is that everyone is busy. There is a variety of activity in the classroom as well as a great deal of movement: one child is counting beads on a hundred chain, labeling each group of ten; others are working on a puzzle map of South America. A child sits on a rocking chair as she reads to herself, and over in the corner of the room, a teacher introduces a new activity to a small group of children.

Each child is engaged with an activity of choice. He will complete the activity cycle and then may continue using the material as long as it holds his interest. When he is finished, he will return the material to the shelf and select another. The spirit of the room is calm and joyful as the children focus on their work choice. Each child experiences a blend of freedom and self-discipline as he fulfills his natural curiosity about the world around him in a place especially designed to meet his developmental needs.

Practical Life 

Practical Life exercise are everyday activities that form a link between home and school. They include exercises such as dusting, sweeping, washing windows, buttoning, zipping, lacing, and weaving. These activities assist children in their development of independence, controlled and coordinated movement, order, activity completion, confidence and self-discipline.


Stop and think about our busy world and imagine all the impressions your child is absorbing. Wherever he goes, he sees colors and shapes, feels textures, hears sounds, and smells odors.

Our sensorial materials each isolate one quality (texture, size, shape, color, sound, etc.) so the child’s full attention is focused on that quality. These materials are designed not to give the child sensorial experiences or impressions but rather assist the child’s ongoing process of classifying his environment.


Humans have a "mathematical mind," related to their tendencies to explore and to imagine. Yet all too often, we adults do not enjoy or excel at mathematics. 

At Marlowe, we seek to lay the foundation for the understanding and enjoyment of math. Practical Life and Sensorial exercises provide experience with order and sequencing. 

Special  manipulative math equipment helps the child see and understand the basics of numbers. Imagine discovering what “nothing” is or what “one-half” looks like!

Language Arts

Young children have a special sensitivity to language which enables them to absorb the language of his family unit and expand his vocabulary incredibly without conscious effort.

In order to assist our students in their development of a rich, full vocabulary, language work begins on the first day a child enters the class and continues daily throughout his stay. By broadening his vocabulary, the child is able to better classify his world and lay a foundation for further study. 

Language training occurs daily and includes the whole spectrum of ways in which language can be used, including stories, poetry, songs and conversation.

Through the use of phonics, our children are given the key to early reading. As with all areas of our curriculum, reading instruction is individualized and begins when the child shows interest and readiness. Our goal is not just the teaching of the mechanics of reading (the decoding of words) but developing total reading (the ability to extract the thought expressed by the author).

Movement Activities

At Marlowe, we provide an environment that allows the child’s mind and muscle coordination to become integrated. Our spacious facilities allow the children to engage in vigorous physical activity right in the classroom. Rhythmic movements using streamers, hoops, and beanbags make fitness fun and assist the child by improving coordination and flexibility, by developing body awareness, and by fostering self-confidence.

Other Curriculum Areas

At The Marlowe School, the world of the young child is enriched through the special magic of music and art. Through the use of timelines, wooden maps, and nature study, our children are given a passport into the realm of science, history and geography. These activities assist the child in developing an appreciation for the arts and in encouraging curiosity and a budding interest for later study during the elementary years.